Biomechanical Modelling of Bone and Cartilage


Rami Korhonen, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D.

University of Kuopio

Academy research fellow, the Academy of Finland, 2008 – 2013
Post doctoral fellow, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2005 – 2007

- MSc (medical physics), University of Kuopio, June 30, 2000
- PhD (physics), University of Kuopio, January 19, 2004

Most important awards and prizes:
- Fellowship award, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Canada, 2005-2007, 114.000CAD
- The Perkins Prize 2003: Best Paper Published in Medical Engineering and Physics in 2002 for the paper entitled “Importance of the superficial tissue layer for the indentation stiffness of articular cartilage”, Korhonen RK et al. Med Eng & Phys 24:99-108 (2002)

Research interests
Biomechanical modeling of articular cartilage: collagen viscoelasticity, compression-tension nonlinearity; chondrocyte mechanics using experimental and theoretical approaches; modeling of total hip replacement prostheses; confocal laser scanning microscopic imaging of chondrocytes; magnetic resonance imaging of cartilage; diagnostics of osteoarthritis

Reviewer for almost 20 scientific journals

Hanna Isaksson, Ph.D.

Department of Physics
University of Kuopio
POB 1627, 70211 Kuopio, Finland

Research areas and expertise
- Bone characterization methods, imaging techniques etc
- Bone healing, adaptation and remodeling
- Mechanobiology of cell and tissue differentiation
- Computational modeling and finite element analysis

Research experience
- Post-doctoral researcher, Biophysics of bone and cartilage, Department of Physics, University of Kuopio, Finland, 2008-current
- Research assistant, Mechanobiology group, AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland, 2003-2007
- Ph.D. student, Orthopaedic biomechanics group, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands 2003-2007
- M.Sc. research, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Rochester, NY, USA 2003
- Senior design project: Modeling of a Polymer Membrane Electrolyte Fuel Cell, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, USA 2002

- Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands 2007
- Graduate studies, Biomedical Engineering and Material Science, University of Rochester, USA, 2003
- M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Uppsala University, Sweden 2003

Publication list

Petro Julkunen, Ph.D., Physicist

Univesity of Kuopio
Diagnostic Imaging Centre
Kuopio University Hospital
POB 1777, FI-70211, Kuopio, Finland
Tel.: +358 (0)44 7174118

Research interests
Biomechanics and modelling of articular cartilage and chondrocyte, Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation

Research experience
- Researcher / Assistant Physicist Kuopio University Hospital, Department of Clinical 2004 - 2005
- Researcher University of Kuopio, Department of Physics 2004 - 2006
- Researcher / Assistant Physicist Kuopio University Hospital, Department of Clinical 2006 - 2007

Membership in scientific and professional organizations
- Member, Association of Hospital Physicists in Finland
- Member, Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers
- Member, Finnish Society for Medical Physics and Medical Engineering
- Member, Radiological Society of Finland
- Member, European Society of Radiology

- Biomaterial Graduate School Award for oral presentation at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering Graduate School
- Radiological Society of Finland Doctoral Award
- Young publisher of the year 2008, Department of Physics, University of Kuopio

Publication activities
- 20 published articles in international scientific journals
- 2 articles published in national medical journals
- 40 abstracts published in international and national conference proceedings

Jukka Jurvelin, Professor, Ph.D., Vice Rector

Univesity of Kuopio
Phone: +358 17 162530
Mobile: +358 40 5148507

Present position:
Professor of Medical Physics and Engineering, Department of Applied Physics, University of Kuopio, Kuopio, Finland

Current research interests:
- Biomechanics of soft and hard tissues, Bone Mineral Analysis, Biological Ultrasound
- Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Stereology, Nuclear Medicine Imaging
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Finite Element Modeling, Physiological measurements and instrumentation, Quality Control

Previous research experience:
- Research Associate, Department of Anatomy, University of Kuopio; Kuopio, Finland, 1983-1986
- Associate Physicist, Department of Radiotherapy, Kuopio University; Hospital, Kuopio, Finland, 1988-1989
- Associate Physicist, Department of Clinical Physiology, Kuopio; University Hospital, Kuopio, Finland, 1990-1991
- Senior Physicist, Department of Clinical Physiology, Kuopio University; Hospital, Kuopio, Finland, 1992-2/2001
- Associate Head Physicist, Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear medicine, Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio, Finland, 3/2001-

CV and Publication list

Timo Jämsä, Professor, Ph.D.

Univesity of Oulu
Dept. of Medical Technology, Institute of Biomedicine
P.O.Box 5000, FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland
v Email:
Phone: +358 8 537 6001
Mobile: +358 40 765 2511

Timo Jämsä, born in 1958, received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu in 1981 and 1998, respectively. In 2002, he was appointed as Professor in Medical Technology, Department of Medical Technology, University of Oulu, Finland.
Dr. Jämsä has over 25 years of experience in research and education in biomedical engineering and medical technology. His special areas of expertise are biomechanics of bone and biomaterials, medical imaging, physical activity monitoring, and eHealth applications. Dr. Jämsä received the Clinical Biomechanics Award 2004, awarded by the European Society of Biomechanics. The research of his group is currently focused on the risk assessment and prevention of falls and fractures, and technologies for ambient assisted living.
Dr. Jämsä was President of the Finnish Society for Medical Physics and Medical Engineering in 2004-2007. Currently he is the Chair of the Academic Division of the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Sciences.

Dieter H. Pahr, Priv. Doz., Dipl.-Ing., Dr.techn.

Nationality: Austria

1998 Dipl.Ing. (MS) in mechanical engineering at TU-Vienna, Austria.
2003 Dr.techn. (PhD) at the Institute of Lightweight Structures and Aerospace Engineering, TU Vienna.
2008 Priv. Doz. (Habilitation) in the field of "Computational Solid Mechanics" at the Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics, TU Vienna.
2009 Qualifying examination for engineering consultants in mechanical engineering, WKO, Austria.

Professional Development
Since Dec. 1998 Research Assistant and Assistant Professor at TU-Vienna, Austria.
July - Sept. 2000 Visiting scientist at the NASA Glenn Research Center, Ohio, USA.
Since 2004 External lector at Altair Engineering in the Field of Composite Materials and Finite Element Methods, Stuttgard, Germany.

Harri Sievänen, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D.

UKK Institute, Tampere, Finland

Harri Sievänen, ScD, is a senior scientist and head of the Bone Research Group, UKK Institute, Tampere, Finland. He has received Master's and doctoral degrees in biomedical engineering at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT)in 1985 and 1991, respectively. He also holds posts of Adjunct Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the Tampere University Medical School (since 1994)and at the Department of Biomedical Engineering of TUT (since 2008). His research interests are in various aspects of clinical and experimental bone research and biomechanics, physical activity and exercise, whole body vibration training, and imaging methods for analysing and modelling the bone structure. During his 20 year scientific career, he has authored or co-authored more than 180 peer-reviewed scientific articles and supervised more than 10 doctoral studies.

Juha Töyräs, Professor, Ph.D.

Kuopio Univesity Hospital