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Jiri Jan:
Digital Signal Filtering Analysis and Restoration


Jiri Jan


The processing and analysis of signals and data is today a fast-growing and crucial activity in a diverse range of fields, not only in communications and image technology itself but in almost every other research area in science. The purpose of this book is to explain some of the theoretical concepts that underly the methods now in common use. The author starts from the assumption that some knowledge of the basic principles should be in the toolkit of every engineer or scientist working with signals or data.


Introduction. Properties of discrete and digital methods of signal processing. Discrete signals and systems. Discrete linear transforms. Stochastic processes and their characteristics. Linear filtering of signals and principles of filter design. Signal enhancement by averaging. Complex signals and their applications. Correlation analysis. Spectral analysis. Inverse filtering and restoration of signals in noise. Adaptive filtering and identification. Nonlinear filtering. Signal processing by neural networks. Multidimensional signals.

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